Xzibit is taking his talents to the podcast game. He and Tammy the Cannabis Cutie will launch their new series Lasagna Ganja.


Veteran West Coast rapper Xzibit says he is “struggling financially” and that’s why he has requested that a judge toss his estranged wife’s bid for spousal support—especially since she’s current;y living in his $3 million house with her boyfriend.


Xzibit‘s old school MTV show Pimp My Ride was all the rage when it debuted back in the day. But allegedly Viacom has been trying to erase Xzibit from their history books and X is calling them out on it.


Xzibit just learned a big lesson when it comes to branding. His Napalm weed line is giving the Asian community some bad vibes and for good reason. 


Xzibit is no longer on Uncle Sam’s list of entertainers who owe him dough. The rapper born Alvin Joiner paid off $233,000 in back taxes. 

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The cast to Fox’s hit series Empire is about to get a little bigger. After making a guest appearance in the finale to season 2, Xzibit took to Instagram to confirm that Leslie “Shyne” Johnson will indeed be a regular in season 3 and continue to be a thorn in Luscious Lyons’ side.

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Xzibit is bringing his acting talents to Empire. Mr. X To The Z, born Alvin Joiner, will be appearing on the FOX drama as a rival to Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard).


MTV‘s Pimp My Ride debuted in 2004, starring West Coast rapper Xzibit and a flood of young folks hoping to get their vehicles updated by the mechanics at West Coast Customs. But like most unscripted television shows, the action behind the scenes of Pimp My Ride wasn’t exactly befitting of the image the show cast.

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Whether it’s the Hip-Hop association from his soon-to-be wife, Eve or rappers just expanding their extracurricular culture’s horizons, Maximillion Cooper has managed to make Gumball 3000 look pretty damn cool. The British street race kicked off in Miami last week and just wrapped things up as the motorist finally reached Ibiza, Spain.


Rappers and concert promoters have an interesting relationship. Both kinda’ need each other to survive, yet they always seem to clash.

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Janky promoters and their shady tactics can bring the meanest temper out of any rapper and Xzibit just had a bout with both instances during a show in Australia this past Wednesday (April 23).

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It is no secret that Dr. Dre has the golden touch. On his 49th birthday we look back at all the recording artists he has turned into superstars (think: household name).