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MTV‘s Pimp My Ride debuted in 2004, starring West Coast rapper Xzibit and a flood of young folks hoping to get their vehicles updated by the mechanics at West Coast Customs. But like most unscripted television shows, the action behind the scenes of Pimp My Ride wasn’t exactly befitting of the image the show cast.

The Huffington Post did a feature on Pimp My Ride, uncovering some of the secret dealings of the show and interviewing several past guests. Despite the glossy on-air production and the often zany additions the crew made that seemed so real, there was a lot of smoke and mirrors action. And if you weren’t all that enthused about how your ride got pimped, you might have had some other issues to contend with.

Check out 11 of the craziest things we learned about MTV’s Pimp My Ride show on the following pages.

Photos: MTV/Justin Dearinger

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