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DJ Khaled is one of the biggest disc jockeys in the country and the gatekeeper for urban music in Miami. Where along those lines qualified him to be a credible sports analyst is anybody’s guess and his recent appearance on ESPN’s First Take was devoid of any educated forms of opinion.

To recap, Mr. “We The Best” sat alongside Steven A. Smith and Skip Bayless to discuss the Miami Heat’s NBA Finals Game 1 woes where LeBron James infamously had to sit out with severe cramping. Unlike Lil Wayne and Wale before him, Khaled used his platform on the show to usher in conspiracy theories and hearsay to get his point across.

When asked if he felt the San Antonio Spurs cheated to get the first game win, Khaled bluntly stated that the Tim Duncan’s team intentionally turned the air conditioning off.

“[The Spurs] won, but they cheated,” he proclaimed. “They practice with no heat…,” he began before a sarcastic Skip Bayless cut him off.

“Do you know that for a fact…who’s your source on that?” Bayless questioned. The response was the Khaled of all Khaled answers with, “the streets.”

Steven A. Smith sat bottled with laughter behind his sunglasses. Sadly, these “streets” didn’t have Khaled’s back and proceeded to give him the business in his Twitter mentions.

Take a look at some of the most slanderous responses Khaled received in the gallery below, featuring some of our Slander Kings from the Black Twitter 100.

Think he’ll be invited back or nah?

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