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Yung Joc is taking his beef to wax and airing out Block Entertainment’s CEO Russell “Block” Spenser. Currently in contractual disputes with his former label head and its parent company Bad Boy Records, Joc addresses his issues on the remix to Drake’s “Successful” featuring Trey Songz.

On the track which is probably unofficial, Joc airs out Block spitting:

“I just want to put my Shyte out… I must be heard.

My opposition’s ambitions is to foul me so flagrant/ And Russell I’ve been very patient, trying not to turn you into a D.O.A. patient / So face it my minds another caliber, Pimp I’m light years, you’re still Gallagher/ The roof, the roof is on fire, nah its just this bridge right here liar liar / Aiight I’m tired of going in on it so I’mma ask God to go ahead and lay his hands on me… Amen”

Yung Joc previously spoke with Hip-Hop Wired about the stall of his pending third album and money disputes which have brought the situation to a head.

“I would love to have Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood out this year for my fans but unfortunately I have to take Block Entertainment and Bad Boy Entertainment to court because I have to take action for unpaid royalties.

I’ve been trying for the last year and a half to get my business affairs taken care of with these two entities and Mr. Sean Combs hasn’t personally been a part of making this a problem but I’ve reached out to him and asked him to resolve this. So after a while after you continue asking someone to resolve this who has the power and it’s not getting resolved, then they become part of the problem.

So personally Sean Combs is not directly in this but I’ve asked and made some attempts for his help in getting my unpaid royalties, the advances for my albums. [I’m having] people in the Bad Boy regime try and coerce me and give me ultimatums to sign a fu*ked up deal with Block Entertainment just to put my music out and I’m not doing it. It’ll never happen. I’m not doing it. I’ve never signed or had a contract with Block Entertainment so I’m not gonna do one now. So they pretty much saying I got to sign a fu*ked up deal in order to put my album out.”

Continuing to release material through the streets and mixtapes with tracks like “The Grind Flu” and supplementing his income with his label Swagg Team Entertainment which has been killing the airwaves with the GS Boyz “Stanky Leg “ for the past six months, Young Joc further commented on Diddy’s standoffish behavior and not backing down from Block.

“Russell “Block” Spencer, I don’t think there’s cohesiveness upon his entity and myself as an entertainer, artist or business man so I no longer wish to do business with him and I’m not contractually bound to do business with him so therefore I don’t think it’s right for people inside the Bad Boy regime to coheres me into signing and that they won’t put my album out if I don’t sign paper work with him.

Puff was like, ‘You know what, you kind of came to me through Block. I personally don’t want to intervene in ya’ll business but I really feel that it’s time for ya’ll to take care of this because I’m really ready to put out a new Yung Joc album. I love Young Joc.’ That’s what he told me but after you continue hearing the same song and dance, that Shyte gets old.”

Standing strong, Joc also added, “They feel I’m gonna fold because with the average artist this is what happens. They buck the system and go all out on the news and the media and then they money slow down. When they money slow down , that’s when they have to crawl back to the label and then the label throw them scraps and when they redo their paper work or whatever, then they really have a fu**ed up contract. Well I’m not doing that. I got a lot of money saved, I’ve done well. God has been good. Family straight, kids’ college funds are good. So I’m not prepared to do shady business.”

Way to stand tall Joc. Just keep supplying the streets with some heat and that pressure will eventually break the corporate pipes.

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