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Snoop Dogg’s Double G News Network (GGN) not only always features great guests but plently of gems throughout. In the most recent segment, Seth Rogen stopped by to actually teach Snoop a thing about the TLC of Mary Jane. (Yes, you’re just as surprised as we are that he doesn’t know everything about her.)

Rogen played overly cautious pot smoker in the 2008 cult classic Pineapple Express (as he does in most of his movies) where he and James Franco popularized the “cross joint,” the future of joint engineering. The smoked-out comedian proved to Snoop that the extra thick weed bomb wasn’t just a movie prop, admitting that he actually rolled all the ones displayed in the film.

“It’s something that we did in high school,” Rogen said. “By through trial and error, we cracked the code.”

Meanwhile, the old Dogg still had a bit of wisdom to share. After Rogen recalled his rise to fame, Snoop revealed the origins of the word “chronic” remembered the first time he got extremely faded in 1991. “This white boy came, he had some sh*t called hydroponic,” Snoop says. “But we got so motherfucking high, n***a said, ‘Hydrochronic.’ And that’s where we started calling it ‘chronic.'”

The episode is just falls shy of 20 minutes but if you’re cut from their cloth, you know just the activity to accompany your viewing of the episode. As an additional bonus, flip over to the next page to see the Pineapple Express scene that made this trick a must-learn for all tokers worldwide.

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