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Last week, Damon Dash made his feelings known about music executive Joie Manda. Since then Funkmaster Flex jumped into the fray and the two have sparred verbally throughout separate platforms. Dash continued his assault on the HOT 97 DJ in a new interview with Hip-Hop Motivation.

In a brief five-minute clip, the self proclaimed cakeaholic responds in further detail to Flex’s accusations of being blackballed in the industry.

“How can I be blackballed; what does that mean? Of course some like Flex, who has a job, probably heard ‘no one will ever hire Damon.’ Yeah that could be blackballing in his mind, yes no one could ever hire me. There is not enough money in the world for me to work for Lyor Cohen or any of those types.”

When asked about the true nature of Funk’s retort, Dash simply replied, “he was a reading a list; he had no passion for it. It sounded like he was doing something he was told to do and he didn’t want to do and that’s what happens when you have a boss.”

True intentions aside, Dame also implied that Lyor Cohen tried to use him as a pawn in the past to incite Rap beef. “I’ve personally had Lyor try to put a battery in my back to go fight.”

As we all know, Dame Dash is a very savvy individual; do you think this is all apart of a master plan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. You can watch the video in its entirety below.

Photo: Youtube