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Police in Palm Beach, Florida are looking for a gang of robbers who are suspected of stealing more than $46,000 in cash and jewels from three men, who are said to be between the ages of 50 and 60-years-old.

As if the robberies themselves aren’t shocking enough, the suspects the police are looking for are two females in their mid-twenties.

According to police, the two females prey on unsuspecting “older men” with nice watches at local bars. The police then state that after the females find their victims, they drug their drinks, go home with them and steal their cash and items.

Although this is not the first incident of women “date robbing” men, it is causing greater alarm in the high end area of South Florida where many men are now protecting themselves by guarding the wallets.

One of the victims had some choice words for the ladies:

“Although the police said they are going to get you, you better watch out.” He said, “Because I want my stuff back.”

LOL, wow! This story is sad because all these men want is a little attention, but at the same time fellas, you should know better.