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“I want to. But I don’t want to do it without Chris Tucker.”

When the first Friday appeared on the silver screen back in 1995, the response was immense and fans only wanted more from the likes of Chris Tucker and Ice Cube.

Tucker, however, did not reprise his role for the subsequent films and many feel that the series gradually declined.

Cube, fortunately, after speaking with Moviefone, stated that he would like to go a fourth round, but only with the help of Smokey.

“That’s what people want. I really want to give people what they want, especially doing it for a fourth time. We can’t just go through a movie without giving the people exactly what they want. I’ve been trying to convince Chris to do it. Just say “yeah,” it’s alright.”

Cube even gave a brief, hypothetical, synopsis for the project.

“… I see Smokey working at a rehab center. [laughs] Craig and Day-Day are probably selling weed by now, get busted, have to go rehab with Smokey, try to convince Smokey to smoke a joint. [laughs] That’d be pretty cool.”

Would anyone be willing to support the next Friday, probably titled Last Friday???  Does Chris Tucker still have it in him after hanging out with Jackie Chan for so long???