Ice Cube wants his baby back. He is now making one of his goals to regain control of his 'Friday' film franchise.


Last year the culture lost one the beloved comedic talents of Anthony Johnson. The Friday star is said to have passed due to years of alcohol abuse.

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The latest anticipated film in the Friday franchise may never come as 'Last Friday' is in the middle of an intense beef between Warner Bros and Ice Cube, the film's creator.


One of the greatest comedic minds of our generation is no longer but his fans will start to get more closure. The cause of John Witherspoon’s death has been revealed.


Friday, the 1995 cult classic starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, remains one of the top Black films of its era and genre. Spawning the iconic characters, the curvy Mrs. Parker and bugaboo Felicia, the actresses who played the respective roles reunited for a photo op and radio interview 22 years later.

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It’s crazy to fathom that Ice Cube and Chris Tucker’s timeless hit movie, Friday, is approaching its 20th anniversary, but that’s what happens in life. Things get older.


On April 26, 1995, Ice Cube, DJ Pooh, and F. Gary Gray changed the game with their comedy classic, Friday.

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With his buddy cop movie Ride Along about to hit theaters tomorrow, Ice Cube made it a point to stop by The Breakfast Club. The interview revealed several interesting factoids about the west coast legend’s career.

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It is always commendable to see rappers get involved in a bit of acting but Ice Cube isn’t a rapper who acts. He’s a certified actor. Period.

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With the ink barely dry on his deal with Loyalty Digital Corp., Maffew Ragazino dropped a new track for fans yesterday, titled “Friday.” This record is so Brooklyn, and listeners will hear the infamous borough in Ragazino’s bravado. The production is equally noteworthy thanks to beatsmith !llmind, who also created a jewel with Cruel Summer standout “The Morning.”


Hip-Hop and dope sneakers have a relationship that goes back as far as the inception of the culture itself. Since the fly and flashy era of the ‘80s rappers have made it a point to be seen sporting nothing less than the latest in urban footwear. Some even paid homage to their latest foot fetish […]

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“I want to. But I don’t want to do it without Chris Tucker.” When the first Friday appeared on the silver screen back in 1995, the response was immense and fans only wanted more from the likes of Chris Tucker and Ice Cube. Tucker, however, did not reprise his role for the subsequent films and […]