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With his buddy cop movie Ride Along about to hit theaters tomorrow, Ice Cube made it a point to stop by The Breakfast Club. The interview revealed several interesting factoids about the west coast legend’s career.

In the twenty minute plus sit down, the Don Mega talks about the film industry and how his previous successful projects do not automatically grant him access multi million dollar budgets in the future. “Each movie is its own thing, it ain’t like because I did this movie, that movie and that one the next one is going to be easier” he explained.

He also touches on his illustrious recording career starting with N.W.A., going solo, his regret of not working more with Dr. Dre, the West Coast of today and more.

So we present 9 things we learned from the Ice Cube Breakfast Club interview. Let us know what surprised you the most in the comments section below.

Photo: Youtube

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