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On the eve of the release of his Trap or Die II mixtape, Jeezy is still prepping for the release of his fourth studio album.

As previously reported, Jeezy’s Trap Or Die II with DJ Don Cannon will drop tomorrow and serve as the prerequisite to Thug Motivation 103.

While he confirmed that the album would hit stores in June, Jeezy is reportedly being more specific and now says the official release date is June 22.

TM103 is set to feature Plies and Lil Wayne but there’s still no word on whether a reported feature with Beyonce made the cut.

As previously reported Young Jeezy refuted claims that he dropped the “young” from his rap name and would only go by Jeezy.

Jizzle instead told MTV that he’s still young and plans to stay that way.

“I’m ‘Young,’ man. I’mma stay Young till I ain’t Young no more. I don’t know why they trying to make me old. But this is ‘Young Jizzle from the bottom of the map.’ This is the name they gave me. I gotta rock till it’s over with.”

Check out Young Jeezy’s latest video for “Lose My Mind” featuring Plies below.