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We all knew Blue Ivy Carter was destined for celebrity the moment she was conceived. But no one predicted the amount of chatter the child’s hair causes whenever a new photo of the tyke hits the Internets. 

One woman,  Jasmine Tolliver, took it upon herself to create a petition basically demanding that Beyoncé  comb and take better care of Blue Ivy’s hair. At the time of this post it had 3,707 signatures. Which means there are at least 3,707 people whose lives are pure struggle.

Newsflash: It’s not your kid, and her hair is fine.

That said, check out some of Blue Ivy’s most famed, and debated, hair moments in the following pages. We think she should wear her hair however her parents deem fit. Let us know where you stand in the comments section.

You may want to keep them to yourselves if your edges are jacked up, though.

Photo: WENN

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