4. The 50 Cent/Trav Beef Comes To A Head

A man can only take another man being a groupie but for so long…eventually, he’s going to snap. Such was the case with 50 Cent and former “affiliate” Trav. While Trav had no problem hugging 50’s nuts when it benefitted his “career,” he acted snake-style and turned on 50 when it no longer served his purposes. And, like a typical bitch-made male, he took his issues to Twitter and gossiped about 50’s woman, Tatted Up Holly, rather than confront 50 with his issues directly (that would be what a real man does, and we don’t do “real man” ish around here). Needless to say, Trav’s subsequent presence at a 50 Cent show went over about as well as a fart in church.

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