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Miss Azealia Banks is back in the news the only way she knows how. Which is stirring a simmering pot of beef broth with artists who are bigger than her on the musical food chain.

Her latest Twitter war comes courtesy of picking at an old scab in her feud with T.I. by first going at his wife and then the Trouble Man himself. The two have an ugly history of name calling which first centered around his siding with her also nemesis, Iggy Azalea. Ironically, the “Fancy” rapper was connected to this latest mud throwing contest as well.

It all began yesterday when Azealia, like the rest of world was sampling the new T.I./Iggy Azalea record, “No Mediocre.” Disgusted with what her ears have been submitted to, the Harlem rapstress fired the first shot saying, “U want no mediocre…but have you seen your wife?”

Tiny refused to let that jab slide and took to her Instagram account, posting a Rihanna meme which read, “I mean damn, b*tch. Can you ever just worry about yourself?” The head of the Harris family household wasn’t so subtle with his response and unleashed undiluted ether on his account, finding the most unflattering picture of her this side of Maleficent.

“U musty-mouthed-thot-bot-bad-body-syphilis-lipped-rectum-vomit-unimportant-ugggggly-monstrosity-of-a-maggot-ass B*IIIIIIITCCHHHH!!!!!!,” he posted. “If u speak ill of my family again….. I WILL END YOU!!!!!! #OnPHIL #OnDOE #NoBuuulllsh*t people fall down stairs daily…. U better watch yo step,u ungly-ass Gremlin-baby #nerveofdisCretin #f**kouttahea.” So much for marriage problems, eh?

Visibly offended, Banks continued to drag Tip some more, speaking of the time she allegedly towered over him at a Kanye West concert and how his tough talk was nowhere to be found. She also pointed out his contradictions of monogamous family life on the aforementioned track.

Their life, our entertainment. Flip through the gallery to see the timeline of slander on everybody’s parts.

Photos: Twitter, Instagram

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