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The Internet has been debating the casting of Disney star Zendaya to portray the late Aaliyah in a biopic since its announcement a couple of days ago. One set of people firmly against the film is the singer’s family. 

According to TMZBarry Hankerson, Aaliyah’s uncle and former manager (and R. Kelly’s former manager), relayed that her family is upset that Lifetime, the network that is producing the film, never contacted them. 

The family now intend to bar the use of Aaliyah’s music in the film, titled Aaliyah Princess of R&B, and also plan to halt its release. Reportedly, the family isn’t against a film, but thinks a TV movie isn’t sufficient to do justice to big star like Aaliyah.

Or, to play devil’s advocate, maybe the family is upset they aren’t getting a big check?

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Photo: WENN