The video vixen game has gotten so over saturated that it’s easy to confuse one new face with another. But while watching Fabolous’ “Cuffin Season” visual, we managed to find one shapely woman that caught our eye.

She goes by Maya van de Wiel, but you can call her Maya Dutch, an official Bangin Candy selection. After stumbling across her Instagram page, it’s clear that she’s well aware of the, um, assets that she was blessed with. Her waist is tiny, but you’ll need a wide lens to spot everything below. Cakey to a tee, Maya is appeasing to the eye, and you can bet that she’s made many men loose focus in conversation.

It’s hard to tell exactly where’s she’s located, but we’ll go out on a limb and say that New York City is her current stomping ground. If you spot her, say hello.

Hit the jump to see a gallery of Maya Dutch’s flicks. Thank us later.

Photo: Instagram

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