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Even at 40, Jay-Z is appearing to be at top form when compared to other rappers that he must compete with.

With his latest single “Young Forever” making its way onto the top 10 of the Billboard charts, Jay can now stand victorious as the rapper with the most top 10 singles ever.

Wow, people actually like that song, huh??

Initially with the record being broken by Ludacris, who had 16 hits to land on the top 10, Jigga was able to edge him out, now having 17 singles under his belt, according to Entertainment Weekly.

With his single “My Chick Bad”, from Battle of The Sexes, quickly climbing the charts, Luda is far from throwing in the towel in this competition.  Currently it is holding down the number 11 spot, so let’s see what happens next week.

Although Jay may have won the battle with the most records to hit top 10, Luda still holds the crown for being the rapper with the most #1 records, standing at 5.