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Big Willie Norwood is being called out once again by his alleged illegitimate son Danyelle “C-Dove” Brown.  According to C-Dove, he wants to take a DNA test and even introduces his kids to their “Grandpa” via video.

According to C-Dove’s Myspace page, he was born May 6, 1975, at University of Chicago, Lying In Hospital Chicago, Illinois, to his mother Lynetta Brown and his father Willie Ray Norwood Jr. both parents were raised in, and, are from Greenwood, Mississippi. He is the only child that his mother has.

With the success of Brandy and Ray J’s new show Family Business, C-Dove wants his chance to shine and is tired of sitting in the background unacknowledged.  The aspiring rapper has created his webisode series called “Family Unfinished Business” where he’s challenging the Sr. Norwood to step up and take a DNA test.

C-Dove stated,

“What I’m doing is standing up for a lot of people out there who don’t have a father. It’s still people 40 years old looking for their own father so can’t nobody blame me for what I’m doing.

You watch Maury and shows like that everyday. I know you watch other shows where people unite with their father and they be older than me.  It’s just some kinda closure that children that don’t have a father need.”

Taking bets on whether the Norwood’s show up…