Brandy Norwood showed off some impressive rapping chops atop Jack Harlow's smash hit single, flipping the rapper's name cleverly.


Harlow caused a stir after recently discovering that the R&B singer is the sister of Ray J, sparking a mild back and forth.


Brandy honored her idol with her own thrilling take on the American national anthem, prompting Twitter to react as positively.

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Here's every performance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards 2020.


The long-awaited VERZUZ "battle" between R&B heavyweights Brandy and Monica did not disappoint.


On Saturday (Aug 22), Swizz Beatz and Timbaland took to Instagram to announce the next Verzuz match up would be between Brandy and Monica, many fans were excited to see the two go head to head for the first time since their 1997 collaborative track "The Boy Is Mine."


As previously reported, Brandy is currently suing her own record label, Chameleon Entertainment, to let her out of her recording contract. In a statement, said label basically said that the R&B singer is washed. 


Brandy has found herself in a legal battle to get new music out to the masses. The R&B singer is suing her label, Chameleon Entertainment, for allegedly delaying her next album and attempting to “bully” her into a bad deal.

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The here today, gone tomorrow nature of the Internet affects how long rap fans sit with music. But 2 Chainz doesn’t want any of us to forget about “This Me, F*ck It,” his contribution to Timbaland’s King Stays King mixtape.

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Brandy is something like a big deal on Broadway and amongst African-American music fans. As for a select group of New Yorkers, however, they couldn’t care less about the 36-year-old R&B star.

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As the saying goes, nothing lasts forever and nothing proves that like the up and down relationships of celebrity couples preparing to wed. Recently, a bunch of high-profile engagements have been called off thus giving weight to the phrase.

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Brandy‘s “Can You Hear Me Now” wasn’t the most talked about record on her 2012 album Two Eleven. In fact, it was just a bonus track. Despite this, the California songstress let her vision for the record be known last October after tweeting, “Me, @IamRicoLove & @NEWAGEROCKSTARS left a verse open on my song “Can You Hear Me Now”.@FrencHMonTanA @asvpxrocky @PUSHA_T Where […]