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Brandy is something like a big deal on Broadway and amongst African-American music fans. As for a select group of New Yorkers, however, they couldn’t care less about the 36-year-old R&B star.

While riding on a crowded subway in Brooklyn, she broke out into an impromptu song, much to the amusement of only her and the cameraman.

“I took a little subway ride after I’d left the gym,” Brandy wrote on her blog for the YouTube video of the performance. “I decided to hit the subway and sing my little heart out. You’ve GOTTA check out this video and see why this fun-filled morning left me asking: Can a Sistah get ONE fan?!”

After belting out a few notes, Brandy noticed not one passenger on the train couldn’t be bothered to issue a response. One man even gave her constructive criticism saying, “You have a whole city ready to embrace you. But you gotta go out and embrace it. We’ve seen this a million times. You’ve gotta do something different,” oblivious that he was actually talking to someone who been made it. To her credit, Brandy was highly unrecognizable in her workout clothes, big shades and hoodie.

While speaking to the New York Post, Brandy explained her actions: “I thought maybe someone would go, you know, “You have potential! You should do this!” Or some kind of validation. But nothing. And that was what was so funny about it. People were having full-blown conversations next to me, and walking off the train, and I’m like, “Oh, my lord. I guess I better do a little more practicing.” The guy that did respond said, “We’ve seen this before. This is New York. You have to do something different!” And I said, “Sir, I’m giving it my all,” and he’s, “No, you have to be more over-the-top.” And I’m like, “OK. Well, I don’t know what else I could do!”

Brandy is currently starring as Roxie Hart on Broadway’s rendition of Chicago, so even without the locals support, it’s a safe bet that she’ll be alright.

Regardless, watch Brandy’s flat subway performance below.

Photo: YouTube