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DJ Mustard has already dominated the year 2014 with an assortment of rap/R&B smash hits and for his Roc Nation debut album title, he’s using a direct Jay Z reference to position his producer crown.

Seeing that he his currently the go-to producer for the who’s who in the Hip-Hop industry, the album 10 Summers will be in compilation format, featuring the likes of Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and YG among others.

Unfortunately, it’s currently July 22 and the kiddies will be heading back to school soon, making it nearly impossible for the record to be the soundtrack to their carefree activities. Realizing the urgency of the matter, Mustard reveals to the world that he made a few phone calls and now the album will have an exclusive release through Google Play.

“I’ve been prolonging this album and was thinking, ‘Man, this album is really for the summer’,” he explains in a YouTube PSA. “I called up some of my people on Roc Nation and thought why don’t we get with Google Play and give it to the fans for the first two weeks for free. I feel like it wasn’t for the streets, I wouldn’t even be in the position I’m in.”

Mustard confidently stands behind his pro bono project and its secured release date of August 12. So much, he feels like he’ll earn the nickname of “Mr. 10 Summers” after listeners absorb it full.

A bold proclamation but his track record all but speaks for itself. Watch Mustard’s quick revelation below and hit the flip for official cover and the full tracklist of 10 Summers.

Photo: YouTube

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