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On this morning’s episode of ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless weighed in on Ray Rice’s two-game suspension, during which Smith veered into a speech about women and domestic violence.

Just days ago, Jada Pinkett-Smith spoke up for 16-year-old Jada, whose alleged rape was viciously mocked on the Internet. She made reference to a society that normalizes acts of sexual assault, when she was quoted saying there’s “an epidemic going on out here in regards to the treatment of women.”

On Friday morning (July 25), former sports journalist Stephen A. Smith uttered a lengthy speech containing some mind-boggling quotes on women’s responsibility to avoid getting beaten (by men).”We also have to make sure that we learn as much as we can about elements of provocation,” he said to Bayless.

Earlier in his spiel, Smith referred to the women in his own family and how he’s tried to “employ” said elements of provocation. “I’ve tried to employ the female members of my family, some of who you all met and talked to and what have you, is that again, and this what, I’ve done this all my life, let’s make sure we don’t do anything to provoke wrong actions.”

Well, there you go ladies. You now know you can, indeed, provoke your own beating and you should be doing your part to avoid being attacked by a guy. Sorta like you shouldn’t wear that short skirt out in public, so that you don’t get raped. Never mind the element of respect. Or that women often fear men, not the other way around.

Read his entire ramble on the following page. See the footage HERE.


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