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Since controversial celebrities will never learn that the #Ask hashtag will only end in embarrassment, we proudly steer your attention to the #AskKarrueche candy crush saga.

The classification of celebrity could be deemed as debatable in this case, as Karrueche is obviously best known as Chris Brown’s girlfriend–after the disastrous relationship with Rihanna. Still, in 2014, social media stars make the world go round and the exotic beauty did land herself a hosting job at this year’s BET Awards (which, was equally disastrous but that’s besides the point here).

Given the notion she only makes headlines regarding her hot and cold relationship with the R&B star, it was inevitable that the hate mail poured in tremendously.

A brunt of the blame for this latest episode of 14-karat gold struggle should be directed towards 106 & Park, who welcomed the Karrueche with open arms as she’s set to be Bow Wow’s co-host this week and used to the hashtag to raise awareness.

Karrueche herself wasn’t naive to the slander and addressed it through the heat of the battle. “The negativity is real right now. Misery loves company baby. Come give me a hug cause you need some love!,” she tweeted.

Whether you call it hate or spade calling, flip through the gallery to see some of the most sensational responses to the #AskKarrueche trending topic.

She said it herself: the negativity is real right now.

Photos: FayesVision/, Twitter

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