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Artists drop albums and journalists review them; that’s the way things typically work. But rapper Wiz Khalifa–on the day he released Blacc Hollywood no less–took offense to a review of his third studio body of work, written by SPIN‘s Brandon Soderberg.

Soderberg was critical of Khalifa’s latest LP and even his artistry, citing him as “the worst kind of superstar.” Some would say that the writer’s critiques flew off the handle, long past the body of work being judged, but such comes with the territory when your job title reads “musician.”

The Taylor Gang founder, however, didn’t take Soderberg’s words lightly.

Flashes of Robert Townsend’s character, “Duck,” from The Five Heartbeats, exclaiming just what he wouldn’t allow to happen to his music came to mind. And with the brush of a few key strokes, Khalifa replied to Soderberg with dry humor, though clearly annoyed. “@notrivia Im actually your father and you weren’t supposed to be listening to blacc hollywood until you were old enough,” the rap star wrote.

Khalifa’s barrage of lasted nearly a hour, and while, Soderberg valiantly defended himself, he was attacked by mounds of trolling Taylor Gang zealots.

Hit the jump to get a full recap of tweets from both parties. Read the piece here. Leave your thoughts on whether or not Khalifa was justified to reply.

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