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Once again, Kid Cudi is so far ahead of the fashion curve that mortals can’t even comprehend his excellency. Either that, or his new sneakers look terrible. 

Guizeppe Zonatti collaborated with Cudster on a new pair of puffy red sneaks that might not blow up like the material of which they are made. Not since Marty McFly’s self-lacing kicks (oh, and the Yeezys) has futuristic hipster fashion become so head turning. The difference here is that unlike Mr. McFly, Cudi doesn’t share a vision that appeals to his actual audience, and maybe that’s the idea. Fashion is about visual evolution which sometimes means walking the road less traveled.

Cudi already gave us a sample of his fearlessness with the crop-top, this sneaker collection should be welcomed with open arms, yet  Twitter refused.

Check out some reactions in the galley below.

Photos: Instagram/Twitter

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