The future is looking might bleak for one of the most recognizable Wu-tang Clan affiliates, Shyheim Franklin.

After pleading guilty to a fatal hit-and-run that occurred on New Year’s Day, the judge has decided to let The Rugged Child rot it out in prison for a possible 14 years.

Reports Staten Island Live:

Rapper Shyheim Franklin was sentenced Thursday to up to 14 years in prison for causing the fatal New Year’s Day hit-and-run wreck in New Brighton that claimed the life of a bakery worker.

Prosecutors allege the Wu Tang clan cohort was speeding and blew through a stop sign before slamming into Avila Olea’s 1996 Toyota Celica at 5:07 a.m. on Lafayette Avenue.

Franklin had been traveling on Cassidy Place and Avila Olea, 29, was Richmond Terrace-bound on Lafayette, headed to his job at the Rosamaria Bakery on Vreeland Avenue in Port Richmond.

Avila Olea’s widow, Asuncion Valencia Mendez, told the court her husband was a “hard-working” man” with no vices, who was devoted to his family.

Speaking through a Spanish interpreter, she said she wanted Franklin to “to be conscious of what he’s done.”

Franklin apologized to the family before Justice Leonard P. Rienzi imposed sentence.

“I’m terribly sorry,” he said. “It was truly an accident.”

Under his agreement, Franklin was sentenced to four and two-thirds to 14 years on the manslaughter conviction. The maximum is five to 15 years.

Franklin also received a concurrent term of seven years for the gun conviction. He’s also subject to five years’ post release supervision.

The Olea family was also angered by Shyheim’s YouTube plea for lawyer fees (pictured).

There are no winners here. Prayers up to both parties.

Photo: YouTube

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