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A week has passed since Ray Rice received an indefinite suspension from the NFL, following extended footage of him brutally striking his then fiance twice in an elevator. Having said little to none since the league’s ruling, Pro Football Talk reports that the All-Pro running back will answer back today (September 15) by appealing the decision.

It wasn’t until Friday, September 12, that Rice learned that was suspended not for domestic abuse, but for lying to the NFL about what happened in that elevator. But Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome’s claims that the player accurately explained what the world would eventually see on the tape will definitely come into play.

The appeal will be handled by the NFLPA (NFL Players Association) and an outside laywer Rice obtains. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will have the final say on the appeal, since the suspension was imposed under the personal-conduct policy.

Rice and the union, however, are likely to ask Goodell to appoint a hearing officer who has no affiliations with the league, which ultimately worked in favor of players suspended during the New Orleans Saints bounty controversy.

If nothing else, Rice’s appeal with shine a light on what the NFL actually knew or didn’t know prior to the clip releasing.

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