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For fans who have seen it, HBO’s The Wire made a lasting impression. Many have even gone on to say it’s the greatest series television has ever witnessed.

That being said, five seasons hasn’t been able to whet the appetite of diehards and Dominic West–known to many has the functionally drunk Jimmy McNulty–is revealing that there has been a template for a feature film for some time.

While speaking to The Daily Beast, the English-born actor spilled some beans that may never be cooked regarding The Wire movie.

“There was constant talk of The Wire movie in the bar for five years, but nothing seemed to come about,” he recalled. “I was talking to Wendell Pierce about it more recently because he was the driving force behind the movie idea, and we wanted David Simon to write it, obviously. But David Simon said, ‘It can’t be a sequel, it has to be a prequel. And that’s going to be all right for the black actors, but for the white ones, they don’t look younger than they did 10 years ago.’,” he laughed. “Whitey doesn’t look so good.”

A comical notion but the bulk of the cast appears to be aging gracefully and going strong with their careers.

West also says he gets stopped in public from future fans who apologize to him for never giving the show a look.

HBO is planning an upcoming marathon that should provide a nice assist.

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