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Kanye West has come a long way since “the shop class and the basket weaving” to now, the student has become the teacher.

Not that the succession has come on the superstar rapper’s own accord. In March, a judge ordered Mr. West to teach at fashion schools in the Los Angeles area as part of his probationary plea agreement for fighting the paparazzi. This past June, Yeezy shared his skill set with students enrolled at the L.A. Trade Technical College.

Late last week, Kanye was front and center once again in the classroom as he guided kids through their upcoming presentation.

We’re not sure exactly how many hours Kanye has left on his 250 hours of mandatory community service but it’s still nice to see him share the answers that Sway didn’t have with the up-and-coming clothing designers of tomorrow.

Instagram user @itschrisgaleno was either starstruck throughout the entire lecture or slick enough to catch a few snapshots of his famous substitute teacher. They have been since taken down but you can find them in the gallery below. If not for nothing, they’re picture proof for the judge that Yeezy isn’t late like he was pre-stardom.


Photos: Instagram/Chris Galeno

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