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Omar Gonzalez, the man who jumped a security fence at the White House and made it inside the executive mansion last week, was clearly on a mission of sorts. Investigators say that inside Gonzalez’s vehicle, they found 800 rounds of ammunition and more.

As reported by Raw Story, Gonzalez was a decorated Iraq war vet was in trouble with the law earlier this year and clearly had plans to enact some manner of violence inside the White House. Along with the rounds, officers also found a map with the location of the White House circled.

The 42-year-old Texas native was not unfamiliar with the Secret Service, who took him down Friday evening as he crashed the doors of the mansion while carrying a pocket knife. Currently, Secret Service officials are conducting a review of the case and making changes to its procedures.

Raw Story writes:

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson, who ordered the review, has been asked to testify about Friday’s security breach before a House of Representatives’ oversight committee hearing scheduled for Sept. 30.

The agency is considering ways to expand the security zone around the White House to keep the public farther away and to do more screening of people in the area.

Friday’s incident is the latest in a string of lapses involving the Secret Service, including a prostitution scandal in 2012.

“These significant security breaches reveal our weaknesses as well as our response capabilities to our nation’s enemies,” Darrell Issa, the Republican chairman of the committee, said in a statement.

D.C. House Of Representatives delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton spoke on the radio Monday stating that she opposes any further restrictions to the street area near the White House. Others say that tampering with the current rules in place regarding foot traffic near the White House could be a violation of First Amendment rights.

Back in August, Gonzalez was stopped by Secret Service officers in August for carrying a hatchet in his waistband but was not arrested.

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