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Some people are just destined for jail. Take, for example, a Connecticut man named Gary Harding, who stole a car and drove it to a probation meeting. Yeah. 

No, Harding didn’t drive the car to the meeting right away. The car, which was unwillingly liberated from its owner, was used in a bank robbery first, that we’re guessing Harding he was somehow maybe probably involved in, allegedly.

Reports KTRE:

Police said Gary Harding approached a woman in the parking lot of the Stop & Shop on Amity Road on Sept. 13. He implied that he had a gun and took the victim’s 2008 Honda CRV.

With the help of the store’s loss and prevention officers, police obtained surveillance video showing what appeared to be Harding stealing the woman’s vehicle.

The footage also showed that he initially tried to target a man, but abandoned that plan when he saw the victim run past him to avoid the rainy weather from that day.

Several witnesses were able to identify him, according to police.

In the meantime, the vehicle was used as a getaway vehicle for a bank robbery in Wallingford.

After officers released surveillance photos, three probation officers identified the suspect as Harding. An arrest warrant was prepared.

Together, they formed a plan to bring Harding in for a probation meeting at the Adult Probation Office on State Street in New Haven.

They said Harding agreed and arrived in the victim’s stolen Honda CRV.

For his struggle, Harding was charged with first-degree robbery and second-degree larceny.

Is there any doubt that Mr. Harding is ’bout that life? Bruh…

Photo: New Haven PD