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People are having a hard time dealing with the Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa divorce story. Some question how they could split since they’re always all over each other, others aren’t completely buying  that it’s over without more proof. 

Rose and Khalifa have only been married since 2013 and it’s said that the first year  (or couple of years) of marriage can be rocky. Keeping that in mind, maybe something irreparable happened in the marriage, or maybe they just decided it’s not gonna work out like they thought.

Nonetheless, in this celebrity obsessed culture in which we reside, a separation like this is still shocking. On the other hand, it’s  not so surprising if you look at that body-bearing photo Rose just threw on Instagram yesterday (nothing says “It’s over!” like posting and then deleting a nudey flick).

Check the reactions to Wiz and Amber’s breakup in the gallery.



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