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If you are in to remembering the names of the most idiotic criminals around, then you might want to record the name of 20-year-old Walter Earl Morrison into your mental block.

The “gifted” former UPS worker was a designated employee at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport when he came across a package he deemed valuable. His instincts were correct as the package contained a diamond ring reportedly worth $160,000.

Instead of mathematically using his criminalistic activities to his advantage, Morrison traded it for $20 worth of marijuana, was easily tracked down, caught and charged with felony theft. Needless to say, UPS also let him go.

House of Diamonds owner Brent Taubman laughed about the case with the local ABC news crew saying “Any single stone over $100,000 is an expensive stone.” Taubman sarcastically added, “That’s not a good deal.”

Check out the flicks of the rock that Morrison wished he never swiped on the next page.

Photos: ABC15

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