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Just two weeks ago, LeBron James showed up at the Nike World Headquarters to debut his LeBron 12 sneakers. But far more was being talked about than his new kicks. King James had the media buzzing about his sudden hair growth spurt.

It appeared as though Bron Bron had finally done something to correct his thinning hair. Or maybe not? The Plain Dealer recently published photos from his opening practice with the Cavaliers from this past weekend and, as you’ll see, his hair magically disappeared again!

The word is out and the Internets have taken notice. Twitter especially is discombobulated at the NBA star’s ever receding hairline and have taken to their timelines to play Inspector Gadget.

Hit the flip to see some of the funniest tweets attempting to solve the mystery of Lebron James’ fadeaway (and we’re not talking b-ball).

Photo: Instagram

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