In news that shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been paying attention, 50 Cent has pushed back the release of his Street King Immortal solo album. The Queens rapper says the latest delay is to focus on G-Unit’s forthcoming new EP. 

“I didn’t want to lose the momentum connected with everyone being back together,” Ferrari told Rolling Stone.

G-Unit’s new project, titled The Beast Is G-Unit, is due in stores before the year is up. The team’s latest EP, The Beauty Of Independence, was released in late August to a positive reception.

Notable, 50 told Rolling Stone it was Yayo publicly chiding him that set the wheels in motion for a G-Unit reunion.

“My interest wasn’t there for a while,” 50 said. “It took for Yayo to say things publicly to me that I didn’t understand [at the time] for me to reevaluate everything.”

Street King Immortal, last thought to be out in September 2014, will now drop sometime in 2015, allegedly.