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A social experiment conducted throughout Buffalo, New York is currently engaged in a serious manifesto of trolling and no one seems to be amused.

From the unsuspecting bowels of reverse affirmative action, director/producer Whitney Dow has launched The Whiteness Project, a social experiment where Caucasians are depicted as a societal minority. According to its website, the project’s mission is to “highlight some quantitative aspects of what it means to be a white American” and they’ve conducted 1,000 interviews in doing so.

Naturally, the case study target ignites borderline racist responses including a self-proclaimed “voluptuous woman” who doesn’t like the attention Black men give her for her flaunted sexuality; another female who identifies herself as a minority because of her tattoos and piercings; and a considerably older gentleman who is under the impression that affirmative action snatched a welding job opportunity from within his grasp.

The collective side-eye from Black, White and even polka-dot Twitter has enormously overshadowed the support The Whiteness Project has gained, and with just a measly 48 followers on Twitter, Dow is shutting the account down.

Flip through the gallery below to see the most entertaining reactions The Whiteness Project has blessed the world with. By the way, the entire struggle is sponsored by PBS. Chew on that as well.

Photos: The Whiteness Project, Twitter

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