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Tyga is either flipping Young Money the bird or has silently reached an agreement with his label because he’s resuming his rap career with a confident statement.

Scale your memory past the recent Kylie Jenner hoopla and think back to when Tyga was conspicuously spotted in the studio with Kanye West. The fruits of their labor has been produced, packaged and finally pushed out with a hefty price tag in “40 Mill” attached to it.

The track kicks off with one of the many priceless soundbites from the dark comedy Pain & Gain before an expansive melody of deep bass grunge and a haunting synthesizer loop dominate the senses. A Hip-Hop legend once quoted, “All I want is money/f*ck the fame” and King Gold Chains adheres to the same principle on his bold new single.

“I don’t wanna be famous/I just wanna be rich/40 mill with some acres/makeup for my b*tch,” Tyga coldly spits as the track’s bridge sprouts all sorts of instrumental appendages. It is a rarity these days for Kanye to score a track without any sort of vocal input and he just may have helped give Tyga’s The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty some much-needed buzz. Mike Dean, Jess Jackson and Dupri from League of Starz also reportedly put in work on the song.

Stream T-Raww’s new song below and cop on iTunes if you’re feeling it.

Photo: Vibe