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“Yeah, they’re absolutely real…”

50 Cent shocked the world last week after pictures of him nearly sixty pounds lighter landed online.

Fif, who lost the weight for a role as a cancer stricken football player, is now defending their authenticity and dishing details on how he made the shocking transformation.

In an interview with Rap-Up, 50 assures the publication that the pictures are not Photoshopped and are the result of hard work in the gym.

“Yeah, they’re absolutely real. I shot the first half of the film for eight days and then I left for my international tour, and I spent that time training to lose weight. I had a week and a half after coming back to really intensely train to get down to 160 for the last half of the film project, Things Fall Apart...”

Fif also says he got his inspiration from actor Christian Bale who lost 63 pounds for his role in The Machinist.

“They say it takes 30 days to make a habit, but man… I was on the Internet and I was looking at Christian Bale, while The Machinist was out, he almost killed himself. I was feeling like maybe I’m overdoing it and I’m dropping 54 pounds, but I was in such a good physical state prior to me deciding to go down on the weight…”

Unbeknownst to many, one of 50’s close friends died from cancer and he tells Rap-Up, that he used the role as an opportunity to pay homage to his memory.

“It felt like I had a lot of muscle on me still and I was trying to lose as much as possible to be authentic to what I saw in my experience, because my motivation for the project was my best friend, Charles Pringle. He lived across the street from me; he actually died of cancer. It’s a serious topic. One out of eight people in the world die of cancer. It tops HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria together…”

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