“It’s sad y’all believe anything y’all hear & see on the internet.. Especially from someone as credible as Kat Stacks *Smh*”

With the recent slapping of Kat Stacks drawing unnecessary attention and creating accusations, Fabolous has stepped forward to clear the air on his involvement in the incident.

Although the man behind the assault, reported to be Fab’s brother Paul Cain, the Brooklyn rapper continues to keep himself away from such instances of n**ger Fawkery.

“Why would I SEND a DUDE to smack a GIRL?? But I know who sent someone to smack her… KARMA!! #RealShyte.”

Since the slap, many people have begun siding with the woman, feeling that nothing anyone does should have to result in violence from another.

Such threats have since then come to simple words after an intervention turned into an apology to Fab’s camp.

Trying to expose, even tell false stories, leaking the numbers of artists and trying rise to fame by essentially being a Slore, do you believe that it was only a matter of time before someone slapped some sense into Kat Stacks?

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