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Move over Apple. Music producer extraordinaire isn’t integrating himself with other people’s technology. He’s creating his own slice of futuristic heaven with the AT&T collaboration,

The Black Eyed Peas frontman was in San Francisco, California yesterday, October 16 to finally remove the cover off the that had been three years in the making. According to MTV, the watch isn’t just for fashion and phone calls. It adapts to the clothes you wear and your body’s algorithm. Think Marty McFly Jr.

“Let’s erase what a smart phone told us and imagine things you wear,” he said at Dreamforce 2014. “If you wear your functionality, where would you put your camera? On your glasses. Why would you put steps on your wrists? Shouldn’t you put it on your shoes? I don’t think people have actually been thinking about wearables the way we should actually be wearing them.”

Hit the gallery below to see all the pictures from the event, up close and a tear-jerking moment brought about from’s contributions to society.

It is not a watch. It’s a PULS.


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