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A Washington D.C. substitute teacher went out with a disgusting bang during her first day on the job. 22-year-old Symone Green was arrested for allegedly performing oral sex on a student at Options Public Charter School.

Green is accused of giving a 17-year-old boy fellatio inside her classroom on Oct. 17. She and the boy —who worked as an aide in her class— had been flirting via text message throughout the day. The minor asked if she was “kinky” and Green replied, “I don’t tell, I show.”

Um, okay lady.

The boy asked her to give him oral sex as many times as the number on his football jersey, and she obliged (no word on what that number is). Unbeknownst to Green, the teen taped their sexual encounter and shared it with his friends on the football team.

“When school administrators learned of the incident Monday morning, we immediately contacted the Child and Family Services Agency, the Metropolitan Police Department, and the parent of the student,” the school said in a statement noting that Green isn’t an actual employee. “MPD responded immediately and began an investigation into the incident. We are deeply concerned about what happened to one of our scholars. Our goal is to keep our scholars safe and secure. All staff will remain extremely vigilant in maintaining a safe school environment and will continue to implement procedures to ensure the safety and security of our scholars.”

Green continued to text with the minor after their encounter. She admitted to him that what they did was wrong, and asked that he not to tell anybody (too late).

Police arrested Green this week. She pleaded not guilty to first-degree sexual assault against a minor in an abusive relationship. Her next court date in Nov. 18.

Click below to read the arrest warrant.


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