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Even with LeBron James’ glorious return to Cleveland, the Charlotte Hornets have been the NBA team able to stir up the biggest buzz, pun intended if you will.

That feat comes largely thanks to the organization’s (and the NBA’s) most visible star in Michael Jordan. After euthanizing the Bobcat at the close of last season, MJ and the Hornets have been active in the community with their rebranding efforts. And just as the 2014-2015 regular season is set to tip-off, The Nest pulls off a PR move that’s swarming in success.

Michael Jordan may not be from the true old school, but he hails from an era where social media isn’t readily preached about. The NBA great decided to test his mettle on the Charlotte Hornets Twitter account and he let the world know it was really him by using the #MJTakeover hashtag.

“Yes, it’s really me doing this #MJTakeover,” he said as the 51-year-old legend unveiled his first-ever selfie. Later on, he checked in with his hardworking Hornets staff and attended a board meeting where he got the first look at the team’s introductory video for home games.

In 1985, we witnessed a MJ dunk from the free throw line. In 2014, it is coffee mugs from the executive chair. The game remains the same, just with different players.

Flip through the gallery below to see the photo-ops Michael Jordan has taken so far from the Charlotte Hornets Twitter account.

Photos: Twitter/Charlotte Hornets

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