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Michael Jordan exercised his freedom of speech, while critiquing President Barack Obama’s golfing skills during a recent interview with Ahmad Rashad for the Back9Network.

Rashad asked Jordan to name four dream opponents, one of whom he quickly noted to be legendary golfer Arnold Palmer. Known to be a ferocious competitor, the former Chicago Bulls star’s answer should come as no surprise. His next reply, however, should.

“I never played with Obama, but I would,” Jordan said, before throwing a the POTUS a competitive jab. “But nah, that’s ok. I take him out because he’s a hack. It’d be all day playing with him.”

Rashad was diplomatic in defending Presiden Obama, but Jordan wasn’t hearing any of that. Jordan continued, “I never said he wasn’t a great politician; I’m just saying he’s a sh*tty golfer.”

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Photo: Back9Network