Amber Rose is accustomed to bleeding her birthday celebrations into the festivities that Halloween brings and this year’s dress up fest was no exception.

Supreme Team LA threw a special edition of their Penthouse Thursdays for Halloween and Ms. Muvarosebud joined Christina Milian and Blac Chyna for an A-B-C combo of makeup excellence.

Wiz Khalifa’s estranged wifey stood out like something from the movie Carrie as a mutilated bachelorette, who still looked determined to look beautiful no matter the costs. Christina kept it close to her Latina roots as a chola, complete with the tattoo tear and Blac Chyna stunted as Navy sailor girl who make the boys go crazy.

Quincy and Eva Marcille were also in the building, dressed like a NASA commander and sexy seductress, respectively.

Penthouse Thursdays  10.30.14- BLAC CHYNA + AMBER ROSE

Peep the flicks below and let us know who won the contest in the comment section below. If you say the Amber Rose Halloween costume, we would happen to agree with you.

Photos: Supreme TEAM LA

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