HHW: Speaking about new projects, let’s get into Some Love Lost. You’ve been releasing music that will not appear on the EP. Are these songs slated to appear on a future album?

Joe Budden: No. These are free giveaways, for the fans. I wanted to leak music, but I didn’t want to give them anything from the project. So, I had some songs that were just around, that I had recorded, that I felt good about. I felt the fans should hear them, so we decided upon releasing those.

HHW: As a rapper, you’ve always been so transparent in your music, that’s what your core fans love most about you. “Ordinary Love Sh*t Part 4” is such great story and feels so true to life. Listeners can’t help but think of Tahiry. Are you two in good standings, today?

Joe Budden: I would hope so [laughs]. Our standing changes by the day. As of today, I would like to think that her and I are just fine, that we’re great.

HHW: In what ways, for better or worse, did that relationship affect your views on future ones?

Joe Budden: That would be hard to quantify. Tahiri and I, we have over 10 years of history. We kind of helped each other grow, we taught each other a lot, we were major parts of each other’s lives. So, forget about my views on future relationships, she has helped me just become a better person in general, and vice a versa.

HHW: That’s rare, man. How will Some Love Lost help lead up to All Love Lost?

Joe Budden: Both projects will be extremely dark, extremely introspective, as you previously noted. Typical Joe Budden—very transparent. It’s very graphic, very detailed. It’s also very lyrical and I’m really anxious for the fans to hear Some Love Lost, actually. I’m very proud of this project.

HHW: We’re certainly looking forward to it […] When you’re not in the studio or on Twitter, what are you up to?

Joe Budden: I’m so washed up man, [laughs]. I don’t do very many things that would interest the younger generation. I cook, I play spades, I clean, I bowl. And all these things are very fun and therapeutic for me. Like, every time I tell somebody I clean, they’re like “damn, don’t you have a maid?” Listen, yes, I have a maid, but I clean any way. Like, I hired my chef so I can learn how to cook, instead of paying someone to cook for me all time. You know what I mean?

HHW: So let’s try something new. When I say a word, you respond with the first thing that comes to mind. Cool?

Joe Budden: Cool.


Joe Budden: Amazing… as hell

HHW:Mood Muzik

Joe Budden: A classic

HHW: Monogamy

Joe Budden: It’s doable

HHW: Slaughterhouse

Joe Budden: Haha… F*ckin’ monsters

HHW: Washed

Joe Budden: Joe


Joe Budden: A good thing

HHW: Halloween

Joe Budden: Annoying

HHW: Ebola

Joe Budden: Annoying [laughs]

HHW: Jersey

Joe Budden: Home!

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