By now, all Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood fans have heard about the news of Yung Berg (allegedly) choking out his new girlfriend in Masika Tucker, and have reacted with absolute disapproval.

The news occurred early today when cops were rushed to the scene of a NYC hotel after Berg went ballistic on Tucker’s throat, after his credit card was declined.

There was booze involved and this was discovered because when Berg went to pay the bill, the bartender gave him the gas face, causing the controversial producer to flee the premises stuck on stupid. What transpired next sounded like a lost page from the What’s Love Got To Do with It script because when Tucker followed him back to the hotel room, she was met with a drunken assault, which included her being dragged by her hair, or weave.

Black Twitter is no stranger to Berg’s antics and they proceeded to give him the business like his 2008 hit. Flip through the gallery below to see the most slanderous responses from this latest DV issue.

But first, Hazel-E has something to say.

Photo: VH1

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