Remember on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx when Raekwon and Ghostface suggested to their peers to come original? Sadly sharkbiting is as popular as ever.

Whether it’s the slang, style, fashion direction or downright exact delivery, you can bet all of the greats have experienced Rap thievery at one point. But an even worse offense is cultural theft.

If you’re a true fan of hip hop you should know the type by now. Didn’t really live it but plays the role real well or just started rapping out of the blue once they saw financial gain.

Regardless of the intent this is a conversation that should he had. So we present 8 rappers of accused of cultural theft. Did we mention that Moguldom Studios has a new documentary titled Bleaching Black Culture that details how theft affects us all?

Learn more about, or buy or rent, Bleaching Black Culture here.

Photo: Instagram

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