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Legendary Shaolin MC and Wu-Tang member RZA has decided to address statements regarding Southern MCs that offended New Orleans emcee Jay Electronica.

In an interview with, RZA states that although the interview containing the controversial statement was made years ago, he stands behind what he says stating that his knowledge came from a personal conversation with Master P.

“Master P [and I] had a talk about this years ago, I was speaking on the education level in the South and how brothers drop out in the sixth grade,” Rza explained.  “Some of them because they have to go to work, some of them because of the poverty, some because they’re not interested in the education system… just a lot of crazy things that people from up North had evolved from.”

RZA explained that the comments weren’t made to be disrespectful, but to shed insight on the diverse styles.

“When I was doing this article, I was taking about my own family at first. My family comes from the South,” Rza continued. “They frying fat back in the kitchen, Grandpops didn’t have more than a sixth-grade reading level. My grandma was a welfare mom.”

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