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There was bound to be some backlash from Kim Kardashian’s righteous rear end gracing the front of Paper magazine. It was only inevitable. Yet the most unlikely detractor for the cakey cover broke headlines because she isn’t without tabloid fault of her own.

Naya Rivera.

The same Naya Rivera who is currently the subliminal subject of one of the hottest ex diss records of our generation. The same Naya Rivera who was determined to save her wedding date no matter the cost. Yep. That Naya Rivera.

“I normally don’t. But…you’re somebody’s mother…,” Rivera said in reference to Kim’s one-year-old daughter with Kanye West. The star rapper recently appeared in Big Sean’s new Wrap Up-topping video so the family’s line had been drawn in the sand for some time now.

Since Naya was hurling boulders in her glass mansion, the people of Twitter immediately began to tell her what they felt about her Instashade. Kim K.’s haters may have a loud bark, but her fans aren’t too quiet, either.

Peep the slander Naya brought upon herself which contains a reoccurring theme of her being a Kardashian clone and instant death-blow on the next page.

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