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First movies for actors are always dicey. Especially when that actor just has happens to be rapper. A typecast role is generally in order, largely to bring awareness of the movie to the Hip-Hop artist’s thriving fan base.

For Machine Gun Kelly’s first movie, Beyond the Lights, yes, he portrays a rapper. But for a movie that excels in showing the dark side of fame and its side effects, his participation in the film goes a long way helping the story unfold to be a convincing romantic drama.

Hip-Hop Wired touched bases with the newly minted thespian as he combed through phone chargers in Beverly Hills to find the correct male end to his unique Android device. Despite the annoying task at hand, his thoughts on creating the movie inject positivity into the conversation for a movie that he walked away feeling 100 percent sure about.

“I loved the experience; I think it’s a great film and I love that my character got to have such a stunning leading lady as my girl in the film,” he says when asked about his overall opinion of the role he was given. MGK plays Kid Culprit, the rough-edged offset to leading star Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s character, Noni. The bad boy image of Culprit reflects on the musical attributes MGK feeds listeners, but he assures it’s all just acting.

“I think the attitude of was MGK and the character itself [was] Kid Culprit,” he explained. “My image doesn’t revolve around my love life and this guy was all about that.” As the trailers for Beyond the Lights have all suggested, Noni is bubbling with inner-turmoil and her association with the Kid isn’t exactly the prescription the doctor ordered.

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